Hanergy Gears Up to Launch Thin Film Flat SOLARtile in the Global Market

April 09, 2019 by Paul Shepard

Hanergy Thin Film Power Group, today announced that it's all set for the global launch of Thin Film Flat SOLARtile, its cutting-edge solar roof tiling solution developed in collaboration with CSR Group, the largest roof tile producer and roofing solution provider in the Southern Hemisphere. The duo, Hanergy and CSR Group, have also co-constructed the Renewable Energy Roofing Display Center that was built last month at Monier Roofing Headquarter located in Rosehill, Sydney.

Ahead of the global launch later this year, Hanergy marks the debut of its brand new Thin Film Flat SOLARtile at the Renewable Energy Roofing Display Center, welcoming visitors and international companies from across the globe to give them a first-hand view of this innovative solar roof tiling solution. The two companies will also sign an agreement to officially commence the presales of Thin Film Flat SOLARtile in Australia, New Zealand, southeast Asia, Japan and the United States markets.

The Thin Film Flat SOLARtile is specially designed to meet overseas market needs. Unlike the curved shape of HanTile, Thin Film Flat SOLARtile is flat and has a square shape, which enables the house to meet local housing standards and harmonize better with the neighborhood. It adopts CROSS BOND structure, where the tile-to-tile interlock is put right in the middle of the next row's tile to ensure the best waterproof performance.

Junction boxes are covered by 2mm steel and safe trays are used to protect cables. The design of the roofing system is inspired by Gympie Pyramid to feature a traditional Pacific vibe and improve the aesthetics of the housing.

Mr. Lv Yuan, Vice President of Hanergy Thin Film Power Group, said, "We're particularly excited about the launch of Thin Film Flat SOLARtile in the global market. We're confident that our latest solar roof tiling solution will set a new standard in the global solar market. Further, we're thrilled to join forces with CSR Group and hope to create yet another case study pronouncing the huge success of our soon to be launched solar roof tiling solution."

With the incorporation of the CIGS thin-film solar chips, Thin Film Flat SOLARtile can achieve conversion efficiency, as high as 18.7%, which is the world record. The product has received an outstanding rating for being exceptionally windproof, waterproof and fire resistant.

It can work under extreme conditions from -40 degrees to 80 degree Celsius. Along with thin-film technology's characteristics of being light, thin and flexible, as well as being able to work under low light conditions, it has great adaptability and can be applied in various scenarios.

Seizing over 70% of the market share in Australasia and as the largest roof tile producer and roofing solution provider in the Southern Hemisphere, CSR Group is a major Australian industrial company producing building products for residential and commercial construction. It also owns the biggest glass manufacturer in Australia and a curtain wall solution company.

Earlier in December 2018, Hanergy signed a cooperation agreement with CSR Group to co-develop Thin Film Flat SOLARtile. With CSR's dominant market share in Australia and rich experience in the roofing industry, and Hanergy's cutting-edge thin-film solar power technologies, the collaboration has yielded substantial results.