GT Equipment Technologies Partners with Vesuvius Fused Silica

March 02, 2006 by Jeff Shepard

GT Equipment Technologies Inc. has entered into a strategic partnership with Vesuvius of Brussels, Belgium. This new partnership will provide added value to the fast growing photovoltaic market.

GT Equipment Technologies, Inc., and its division GT Solar Technologies, a global leader in HEM and DSS multi-crystal silicon ingot growth equipment, has signed an exclusive supply agreement with Vesuvius, the world leader in Zyarock® Solar Crucibles technology.

GT has identified Vesuvius as the exclusive certified supplier of Zyarock® fused silica solar crucibles used in GT systems. "Vesuvius has consistently exceeded quality expectations, giving us and our customers confidence to know that we have ‘Vesuvius Inside,'" according to Tom Zarrella, President and COO of GT Equipment Technologies.

The partnership agreement also provides for cooperation in research and development for the advancement of silicon crystal growing technologies to optimize material utilization and to maximize wafer efficiency. The market driven technical programs have already been initiated with an exchange of engineering and technical specialists from both organizations.

Alain Bidault de Gardinville, Business President of Vesuvius Fused Silica Division responded that "GT Equipment Technologies is the ‘perfect partner' and brings critical resources and innovation necessary to advance our technologies together. Our customers and the market will benefit from both the technology and the service organization of the partnership."