Grid4C and Landis+Gyr to Put AI in Smart Meters at Grid Edge

May 07, 2019 by Scott McMahan

Grid4C, an AI-powered energy analytics firm, will provide predictive insights at the grid edge with real-time decisions within Landis+Gyr's smart meters to meet industry's next-generation use cases in Asia-Pacific region

Grid4C has partnered with Landis+Gyr a provider of energy management solutions, to embed its predictive analytics software solutions within smart meters at the edge of the electric grid. (See screen capture of Landis+Gyr grid analytics software above). The intention of the partnership is to use AI to solve the industry's next generation use cases in real-time.

The joint work builds upon an existing and successful collaboration to deliver AI-powered energy analytics for energy providers in Australia, New Zealand and Hong Kong. The work expands Landis+Gyr's Grid Edge portfolio with its Advanced Application Platform (AAP) communications modules within the company electricity smart meters.

AI Grid Edge solutions will give utilities granular real-time predictions and actionable insights for their operations and customer-facing applications. Grid4C points out that this core technology drives applications ranging from granular load forecasting and distributed energy resources optimization to home energy management at the appliance level. The core technology will also be used to predict, detect, and diagnose faults for grid assets and home appliances.

These capabilities can improve operational planning, reduce peak demand, increase energy savings, deliver new revenue streams, and increase customer engagement. The system that they plan to develop will deliver these capabilities and alerts in real-time without the need to pull the smart meter reads all the way up to the MDM head-end through the AMI network.

"Landis+Gyr is not only a market leader but an innovator in helping utilities maximize the benefits of smart meter investments, and we are honored to partner with them," said Dr. Noa Ruschin-Rimini, Grid4C founder and CEO. "By embedding the most advanced machine learning insights directly into their smart meters, we can help plan and optimize distributed energy resources in real time at the edge of the grid, prevent faults both on the grid side and on the consumer's side, and help consumers manage their energy better. This will provide a significant edge to Landis+Gyr's customers."

"The value we can deliver from leveraging Grid4C's industry-leading AI solutions together with our smart meter data in real-time is a differentiator for Landis+Gyr," stated Rodney Chaplin, General Manager for Landis+Gyr for Australia and New Zealand.