GreenVolt Power to Commence Testing of Alkaline Fuel Cell Supercapacitor Power System

February 08, 2001 by Jeff Shepard

GreenVolt Power Corp. (Ontario, Canada) announced it will commence field-testing of its alkaline fuel cell supercapacitor power system in a custom-designed, zero-emission, four-door electric vehicle. The vehicle incorporates a compact supercapacitor to enhance the fuel cell power delivery when accelerating or hill climbing. The present 14 lead-acid, deep discharge batteries, which weigh approximately 950 pounds, are to be replaced by the fuel cell supercapacitor power system.

According to the company, benefits of their supercapacitor power system include immediate acceleration energy, with an additional 25 to 50 percent more power; storage of over 90 percent of regenerative braking energy, compared with only two percent of energy storage from batteries; and an effective increase in range of approximately 45 percent. In addition, the system reduces battery power drain and decreases weight by approximately 500 pounds, or 20 percent.

“Supercapacitors have five-fold the specific energy of a battery, are considerably lighter, very long-lasting and significantly more efficient. They will substantially enhance the marketability of our alkaline fuel cell unit," stated Thomas Faul, president and CEO of GreenVolt Power. He added, “By combining an alkaline fuel cell unit with a supercapacitor in an electric vehicle, we have essentially created a traveling showroom to demonstrate the viability of our exciting technology."