Green Energy UK to Install London Solar Power Station

November 26, 2004 by Jeff Shepard

Green Energy UK, the Herts-based renewable energy supplier, has been chosen by the Environment Trust to supply East End of London homes and businesses with energy from an innovative solar power station. The station in Mile End Park will help finance Green Energy’s move from solely being a supplier of renewable energy to underpinning new renewable energy projects through the design, building and maintenance process.

The £1.4 million development will have a canopy of solar photovoltaic panels that will be used to power Mile End Park, while the excess electricity generated by the station will be bought and distributed to the local community by Green Energy UK. It will be one of the largest solar arrays in the UK, with an output of 110 kWp, or 90 MWh per year. It will achieve 1.4% of the total of targets for installed photovoltaics by 2010 – and six% of the target in commercial buildings.

Green Energy Chief Executive Doug Stewart said, "We have three propositions at Green Energy: To deliver cleaner energy, to share ownership of the company, and to reinvest profits in new renewable energy projects. With projects like Mile End, we are now in a position where we can meet our third proposition. We have already identified two possible projects for investment, a Welsh tidal project and a biomass scheme, but it is still early days."