GrafTech Announces $500,000 Order from Ballard

January 28, 2003 by Jeff Shepard

GrafTech International Ltd. (GTI, Wilmington, DE) announced it has received an order valued at approximately $500,000 for GTI fuel cell products from Ballard Power Systems Inc. (Vancouver, BC) under its existing supply agreement. The order provides for delivery over the next six months and will support the demand for Ballard's Mark 902 fuel cell stack. The product ordered will be used by Ballard to fulfill its commitment to its automotive customers for both light-duty and heavy-duty fuel cells.

"We have enjoyed a strong partnership with Ballard, and are pleased to see the continued development of this exciting new market for our products," stated John Wetula, president, Advanced Energy Technology. "We believe that this order, along with increased fuel cell activities worldwide, exemplifies the industry's increased confidence in the commercialization opportunities for automotive fuel cell applications."