GM Offers Buyback and Loaner Programs for Owners of Chevy Volt in Wake of Concerns Over Battery Safety

December 01, 2011 by Jeff Shepard

General Motors (GM) is responding to safety concerns about the Chevy Volt following reports of damaged lithium-ion battery packs in three cars that caught fire following testing carried out by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA). No fires have yet been reported as a result of any real-world accidents.

GM initially responded to the reports by offering to give Volt owners a loaner vehicle while the testing was being completed, but the company has now stated that it will assuage the concerns of any worried Volt owners by purchasing the vehicle back from customers. GM also stated that it is willing to redesign the battery pack if an ongoing investigation into the matter finds any flaws.

The NHTSA had advised GM that it would open a preliminary evaluation of Volt battery assemblies after NHTSA test results caused electrical fires up to three weeks after an initial vehicle New Car Assessment Program side pole crash test.

Mark Reuss, President, GM North America, said "Our customers’ peace of mind is too important to us for there to be any concern or any worry. This technology should inspire confidence and pride, not raise any concern or doubt.