Gill Electronics Partners with Qualcomm for Resonant Charging

June 16, 2013 by Jeff Shepard

Gill Electronics, Inc. has signed an agreement with Qualcomm Incorporated for Gill Electronics to obtain rights to develop, manufacture, and sell wireless power products for the automotive and furniture industries. The licensed wireless power technology provides for real world use by allowing for spatial freedom when wirelessly charging products, as well as the ability to charge multiple devices and device types simultaneously.

"With the prevalence of mobile electronic devices in today's society, the need to provide power to charge these devices is enormous," says Richard Perreault, president of Gill. "With wireless power technology, people will be able to simultaneously charge anything from a Bluetooth headset, smartphone or tablet, to a netbook by simply placing it on the counter or desk, or in a car, without any plugin. We expect the first products to be available later this year."

"Gill is an early mover in this market and has been working with the wireless power team at Qualcomm for several years," said Steve Pazol, Vice President, Qualcomm Incorporated. "In this time we have come to appreciate its team as visionaries in the field. Gill's expertise in the automotive and furniture industries will play a key role in advancing Qualcomm's wireless power technology as the premier technology for wireless charging."

Both Gill and Qualcomm are founding members of the Alliance for Wireless Power (A4WP), a global, independently operated alliance dedicated to delivering a flexible wireless power technology to the consumer electronics and automotive marketplace. The performance of wireless charging based on the use of this technology can provide better support for the real world use of wireless power applications in automobiles and furniture, while meeting strict form factor and operating characteristics of the most demanding device manufacturers.