GE Power Systems Acquires Enron Wind

May 14, 2002 by Jeff Shepard

GE Power Systems (Atlanta, GA) announced that it has completed its acquisition of Enron Wind Corp., and renamed the new business as GE Wind Energy (Tehachapi, CA), which will be headed by Steven Zwolinski, who has been serving as the general manager of GE Global Hydro. GE announced its intent to acquire Enron Wind in February. Over the past three months, all bankruptcy court and regulatory approvals required to complete the acquisition have been received.

"The wind power industry offers tremendous opportunities for growth and continued technology development," said Zwolinski. "There are synergies from several GE businesses, in areas such as plastics, transportation gearing applications and power controls, that can be applied to wind turbine technology. And our global sales force can deliver the latest wind power technologies to regions throughout the world."

GE has acquired Enron Wind's fully integrated wind power capabilities, including power plant design, engineering and site selection, and operation and maintenance services. Enron's line of wind turbine generators includes units with outputs of 750kW and 900kW and 1.5MW, while larger systems of 3.2MW and 3.6MW are in development. Existing wind farm assets will remain with Enron. The headquarters location of GE Wind Energy has not been finalized, but the acquired business has 1,600 employees worldwide with operations in Tehachapi, CA, and manufacturing operations there and in Germany, Spain and the Netherlands.