GaN Power IC Experts to Present at PCIM Europe 2017

May 04, 2017 by Power Pulse1595211359

Navitas Semiconductor announced it will showcase GaN Power IC advances at this year's PCIM Europe, in Nuremberg, Germany, May 16th - 18th, 2017.

“We are proud that our GaN Power IC’s are featured once again in this prestigious power semiconductor event.” said Navitas CTO/COO, Dan Kinzer. “Since last year’s keynote, it’s clear that our GaN power ICs have achieved wide recognition in the industry by enabling new benchmarks in speed, efficiency and power density at an affordable cost. Navitas continues to be the leading GaN innovator with the introduction of our fully-integrated, half-bridge GaN ICs which set another benchmark in the industry for its combination of frequency, integration and density.”

Navitas will present in the following conference papers / events:

Wednesday, May 17th, Hall 6, Booth 143 from 13:30 to 15:30. Stephen Oliver, Navitas Semiconductor; Panel Discussion: Leading wide band gap companies provide insight designing with GaN and SiC. Presentation: GaN Power ICs deliver breakthrough system performance with confident project costs and schedules. Abstract: Simultaneous increases in switching frequency and system efficiency, enabled by GaN Power ICs, create new power density benchmarks while maintaining thermal specifications. In parallel, a high level of integration, easy-to-use “digital-in, power-out” system building blocks, and standard assembly techniques ensure that projects meet cost and schedule targets with a high level of success.

Wednesday, May 17th, Foyer, PP135, from 15.30. Tom Ribarich, Navitas Semiconductor; Paper: State-of-the-Art GaN Power IC-based 150 W AC-DC Adapter; Abstract: “Traditional ac-dc adapter design has plateaued with only small improvements in efficiency and power density. With new high-frequency topologies, wide bandgap powertrains and new magnetic materials, major improvements are seen in adapters from 25W to 200W. This paper provides a detailed analysis of a 150W ac-dc adapter using CrCM PFC and LLC control with monolithically-integrated gate-drive GaN powertrain, achieving a 100% density increase vs. typical adapters.”

“PCIM Europe is a tremendous event for Navitas to allow new customers to discover the higher density, faster-charging and lower system costs enabled by GaN power ICs across a wide range of power applications,” commented Navitas VP of Sales and Marketing, Stephen Oliver. “Since launching our single and half-bridge GaN Power ICs the high customer demand is validating the huge advantages of the Navitas portfolio,” Oliver added.