GaN-based High-Power, Near Field WattUp Charging Solution

September 07, 2017 by Paul Shepard

Energous Corporation announced a new, high-power, Near Field WattUp charging solution for electronic devices such as smartphones, tablets, smart speakers, game controllers, drones and more.

The new high-power Near Field WattUp transmitter reference design is capable of charging devices with up to 10 Watts of energy, significantly increasing the amount of power delivered to receiving devices and eliminating connectors and charging contacts for a much wider variety of devices.

"We continue to grow our WattUp wire-free charging ecosystem with reference design solutions that will support the technology adoption in an even broader range of customer products," said Stephen Rizzone, president, and CEO of Energous.

Stephen Rizzone, president, and CEO of Energous

"Extending the high-power capabilities of Near Field WattUp charging enables many different types of devices to be charged from multiple transmitter options. By continuing to expand the portfolio of reference designs available to customers, we are able to support increasing requests from our various partners for additional options and power levels," Rizzone continued.

Mark Tyndall, senior vice president of Corporate Development & Strategy at Dialog Semiconductor

"With a catalog of reference designs ranging from high-power, quick charging, low power, small form factor, Mid Field and Far Field power-at-a-distance, customers now have the ability to meet virtually all of their wireless charging requirements from a single source," said Mark Tyndall, senior vice president of Corporate Development & Strategy at Dialog Semiconductor.

In June it was announced that Dialog Semiconductor invested an additional $15 million in Energous and will continue as the exclusive component supplier of WattUp technology.

Technical specifications of the new, high-power Near Field WattUp charging solution include:

  • GaN-based 5-10W RF receiver IC
  • GaN-based 10-15W RF Power Amplifier (PA)
  • RF-based charging solution allows for full 2D / planar movement
  • Support for 90˚ charging angles (sideways charging)
  • Smaller Receiver (RX) size
  • Superior accomodation of metal and other foreign objects
  • PA integration into overall system leading to a lowered BOM cost

"These first GaN-based solutions for our WattUp wire-free charging technology support higher power and improved charging flexibility," said Michael Leabman, Founder & CTO of Energous. "Our ability to develop multiple components within the WattUp ecosystem allows us to innovate based on our customer needs."