FuelCell Energy Announces DFC Project Award

October 01, 2003 by Jeff Shepard

FuelCell Energy Inc. (FCE, Danbury, CT) announced that it has received a new $954,000 contract award for participation in the US Navy Marine Fuel Cell Technology Verification - Trainer Program. The objective of the program, anticipated to last 16 months, is to accelerate introduction of fuel cell power plants to US naval ships and facilities.

Specific tasks of the new program include engineering and development for installing diesel-fueled Direct FuelCell® (DFC®) power plants at naval facilities and on ships, operational testing of a DFC300A power plant in Danbury from a control center in Maine, and development of a marine fuel cell simulator for use as an operator training aid.

"This project demonstrates the Navy's continued commitment to introduce clean, efficient and reliable stationary fuel cells for base and ship service power," said Hans Maru, chief technology officer of FuelCell Energy. "This will advance the development of our US Navy-sponsored program that will design, build and operate a land-based DFC power plant using marine diesel fuel."