FSEC Approves SunWize Grid-Tie Systems

March 16, 2006 by Jeff Shepard

SunWize Technologies has announced approval of their Grid-Tie Systems (GTS) by the Florida Solar Energy Center (FSEC). Currently, GTS packages are the only complete systems on the FSEC approved grid-tie list. According to the FSEC web site, "Items evaluated include safety and code compliance of the overall design, individual components and their interactions with one another, and the completeness of the instructions, diagrams and schematics for the installation, operation and maintenance of the system."

Designed for renewable energy installers, electricians and general contractors, SunWize GTS packages include all the components necessary for a successful residential or commercial installation except the home-run wiring. Systems are available in a wide variety of configurations providing the appropriate selection for the project's requirements.

Using Sharp modules and a Fronius, Sharp, SMA, PV Powered or Xantrex UL listed inverter, each SunWize GTS includes mounting hardware, cables, hardware and electrical components. An optional, utility-grade kWh meter is also available. Complete installation and operation manuals assist with permitting and inspections.

Joanne Rogers, SunWize VP of residential power, stated, "Installers like the wide variety of models we offer and the convenience of ordering just one part number. With the growing demand in the grid-tie market, installers don't have time to design systems and specify components. Now, they can rely on SunWize engineers to do that for them."