Former Enron Executives Launch Celeron

February 07, 2002 by Jeff Shepard

Several former senior executives of Enron Corp. (Houston, TX) have launched a new company that will be involved in solar photovoltaics, wind and green energy. The new company, Celeren Corp., will provide independent power generation and risk management energy services for smaller companies that have significant business growth opportunity, but which are overlooked by large energy conglomerates.

According to Celeron executives, "Smaller, strategically located generating plants at or near customer facilities provide full customer control of electricity production. Distributed generation technology eliminates costly transportation and distribution charges, while power quality and degradation issues are avoided. The advent of newer technologies, such as micro-generation, photovoltaics and wind sources, as well as advanced applications of traditional reciprocating engine and turbine-driven generators, puts Celeren at the forefront as distributed generation rapidly gains popularity."