FlyNano Personal Electric Airplane Takes Test Flight

June 18, 2012 by Jeff Shepard

According to media reports, a single-seat carbon-fiber airplane, proposed as a "fun flyer," has taken its first test flight in Finland. The FlyNano concept was presented last year at the Aero 2011 trade fair in Germany, and was initially envisioned to be primarily powered with a combustion engine. However, according to the company, "the development of electric motors and batteries has been immense during the past year and the demand for electric powerlines has been increasing continuously."

In the future FlyNanos will primarily be equipped with electric motors. FlyNano’s goal is to start the production within the following year and to deliver the first 35 planes – already sold in advance – by the end of 2013. The international patent is currently pending to protect the configuration.

According to the European Aviation Safety Association regulation, passed by the European parliament in 2008, FlyNano is below the necessary weight of 70kg, which means that national authorities decide on the classification. In Finland for example it’s a class C-glider and no classification, aviation license or medical certification are needed at all.