fliCharge Targets High-Efficiency Conductive Wire-Free Charging

December 03, 2014 by Jeff Shepard

fliCharge International Ltd. today announced the company's expansion plans for its patented, conductive, wire-free charging technology. The fliCharge technology is the only interoperable wire-free charging solution that can simultaneously charge multiple devices on the same charging pad, no matter their power requirements or position on the pad. fliCharge, which in late 2013 acquired the wire-free business formerly owned by PureEnergy Solutions, Inc., is now focusing its efforts on infrastructure projects targeting the transportation sector, educational and office products and furniture, laptops and power tools.

"We have spent the past several months bringing together an experienced team and expanding our product offerings by developing a number of high power and automotive charging solutions that will be introduced to the market shortly," said Randall P. Marx, President and CEO of fliCharge. "Our focus on infrastructure markets has produced some exciting results, particularly in the automotive industry, where our technology is now being used to charge smartphones and tablets in several models of cars, minivans and pickup trucks from three of North America's leading automobile companies."

fliCharge's conductive charging platform is a safe, cost-effective charging solution with a charging efficiency of over 95%. The technology is highly scalable, with 15, 20 and 90-watt charging surfaces currently available. In addition, 150 and 300-watt products are in development for charging laptops, power tool batteries and multiple tablets, Chromebooks and many other battery-operated devices. The interoperability of the technology allows fliCharge products to be utilized with numerous wire-free products in a simple, safe and uncomplicated manner. With a growing ecosystem of charging pads, cases, skins, universal adapters and OEM reference designs, fliCharge technology is designed for a broad array of applications, from wearables, smartphones and tablets to netbooks, laptops and power tool batteries.

"Our industry research has shown us that consumers and OEMs alike are looking for something more than just a fancy phone charger," Marx observed. "We are pleased to offer to the market wire-free charging that is simple, highly efficient and multi-functional so users can enjoy hassle-free charging at home, work, school and on the go."