Fairchild Semiconductor to Retain Mountain Top Facility

November 16, 2011 by Jeff Shepard

Fairchild Semiconductor that it has decided to keep open the Mountain Top, Pennsylvania wafer fabrication site, reversing its March 2009 announcement to close the facility.

Since the original closure announcement, Fairchild has more than doubled its sales of the high voltage and automotive products which the Mountain Top facility supports. The products produced in the facility enable Fairchild’s industry-leading customers to significantly improve electrical efficiency in a wide range of industrial and appliance applications as well as improve fuel efficiency in automobiles while reducing cost of ownership. Fairchild expects to continue the rapid expansion of these businesses and determined that retaining the Mountain Top facility will be essential to supporting our customers’ current and future needs.

"The strong growth of the product lines supported by the dedicated employees at our Mountain Top facility enabled us to make today’s announcement," said Mark Thompson, President, Chairman and CEO, Fairchild Semiconductor. "I am confident our employees at the Mountain Top facility will continue to deliver the high quality products our customers have come to expect while constantly striving to improve efficiency and costs to keep Fairchild highly competitive."

The Mountain Top facility has been in operation since 1960, manufacturing electronic components for over 50 years. It currently employs over 220 people in a leading edge 200mm semiconductor wafer manufacturing facility. This news is exciting to the local community as the site has a highly skilled, well-compensated workforce. Fairchild plans to work with employees as well as local and state government officials to explore future expansion opportunities to support its growing business while improving efficiency and costs as it competes within a global environment.