Fairchild Expands European Global Power Resource Lab

May 09, 2005 by Jeff Shepard

Fairchild Semiconductor International Inc. (South Portland, ME) announced that its Global Power Resource™ power design and application lab in Europe is expanding to provide complete system power solutions for motion and motor control. Fairchild will invest in new equipment as well as motion and motor control engineers at its Furstenfeldbruck, Germany site. The center has already completed more than 50 successful system power designs in its first 18 months, reducing part count requirements and increasing efficiency in customer applications.

"Customers value the total power system designs we are able to give them and are seeking the same level of solutions in other areas such as two-phase and three-phase motor control and motion control," said Fairchild Vice President of Sales and Marketing in Europe Ole-Petter Brusdal. "These address industrial and consumer white goods applications - areas that are growing quickly in Europe. As the Power Franchise®, our strategy is to constantly upgrade and extend the Global Power Resource design and application labs to meet the needs of our customers."

To support the additional applications, Fairchild will significantly invest to increase staff levels by 15% and add new test instrumentation like additional three-phase programmable power sources, power analyzers and electronic loads to support higher current levels and three-phase applications, including inverter drives. The expanded team will offer customers specific design experience in the motion and motor control domain.