ezIGBT Online IGBT Comparison Calculator Launched

May 06, 2014 by Jeff Shepard

Synchro Technologies LLC is emerging from stealth mode and has released its ezIGBT online calculator to help designers in selecting the right IGBTs for motor drives, UPSs, solar inverters, industrial power supplies, and so on. With the release of this Online Calculator, ezIGBT is in the first phase of helping power converter designers analyze performance of IGBTs and compare IGBTs from different manufacturers. The online calculator is designed to help when selecting IGBTs for specific application conditions. Since datasheets provide guidance only for limited min and max operating conditions, designers need extra help in predicting the total losses of IGBTs in specific applications conditions. The online calculator from ezIGBT solves the problem for designers by helping them to compare suitable products based on device and performance comparison.

Examples of the initial capabilities of the ezIGBT Calculator include: Using the online calculator, the designer is able to pick up the right device for the application through a series of easy to use tools. The current tool release allows Power system designers to pick an IGBT from the Vceon and Ets at the designers expected junction Temperaure (Tj). Calculate Power loss vs PWM frequency at user’s junction Temperature and application condition for D (duty cycle). And predict the heatsink size (Rthsa) for the IGBT. This initial Calculator represents less than half of the capabilities planned for the ezIGBT site.

The tool also allows the graphs and data generated during this simulation to be downloaded. This feature needs the user to subscribe to the site and no Passwords are needed at this time. More new tools coming soon would allow the power electronic system designer to: Understand the split in losses between the IGBT, the copak diode in conduction and switching loss components so the switch/ system PWM choices can be made with more data; and calculate the I (current) vs f (frequency) curve for the users conditions.

“Through the course of working with customers and developing new technologies, we were always facing the same old concerns and questions from users which were: It’s so hard to use your static datasheets as they don't tell me what device does in my conditions. What are the power losses in my condition? What heatsink can I estimate may be needed? Can you help me compare devices across manufacturers? The website is really done to answer those questions,” Synchro Technologies stated in launching ezIGBT.

According to the launch announcement, there are several people with various backgrounds behind These include decades of experience in applications of IGBTs, many years of experience in designing power electronics products, helping designers choose right products and troubleshooting these. Many years of hands-on experience in coding the web and product management in today's internet based world.