Evidence Grows that Apple is developing the iMove EV

February 19, 2015 by Jeff Shepard

Electric-car battery maker A123 Systems has sued Apple Inc. for poaching top engineers to build a large-scale battery division, according to a court filing that offered further evidence that the iPhone maker may be developing a car. As detailed in an article from Reuters, Apple has been poaching engineers with deep expertise in car systems, including from Tesla Inc., and talking with industry experts and automakers with the ultimate aim of learning how to make its own electric car, an auto industry source said last week.

Around June 2014, Apple began aggressively poaching A123 engineers tasked with leading some of the company's most critical projects, the lawsuit said. The engineers jumped ship to pursue similar programs at Apple, in violation of their employment agreements, A123 said in a filing earlier this month in Massachusetts federal court.

"Apple is currently developing a large-scale battery division to compete in the very same field as A123," the lawsuit read. The suit was reported earlier by legal website

An Macintosh inspired Apple iMove concept car was imagined by Liviu Tudoran, a 20-year-old student from the IED design institute in Turin, Italy. Falling in the same "i" line of Apple products, like the iPhone, iPad and all the other "i"s, the Apple iMove concept car is meant to be the city car of 2020. The Apple iMove concept car will be electric, of course, and will feature the same general design lines like all the latest Macintosh products.

The Apple iMove concept car has a three-seat configuration and will feature an innovative luggage storage space. The concept will also offer various possibilities for customization, so the owners will be able to change the car's appliance according to its own preferences.

According to a blog posted on willy-auto, the main idea is to create an Apple branded car that will break the general idea of conventional vehicle by the year 2020. Keeping in mind the main characteristics and design language of the brand, the vehicle is inspired from Apple products and the lifestyle of those who use them. The small city car is powered by electricity and will be able to seat three passengers in a variety of configurations.

The interior space shines with a full touchscreen display that covers the entire dashboard and includes a variety of gadgets to play with. The top of the iMove is inspired by Apple’s Macintosh mouse shape and can also open while on the move to give a cabriolet feeling. The exterior surface is covered with a photochromic material that allows the user to change the vehicle’s appearance using available presets