Evergreen Solar Installs PV Array on Company Facilities

September 12, 2004 by Jeff Shepard

Evergreen Solar Inc. (Marlboro, MA), a developer, marketer and manufacturer of photovoltaic products, recently completed the installation of a solar photovoltaic (PV) array on its company facilities in Marlboro, MA. Evergreen Solar provided the PV, while Conservation Services Group (CSG) helped with engineering and installation. Solectria (Woburn, MA) provided an inverter for the project - one of the first major demonstrations of Solectria's new grid-connected inverter.

The project acts as a showcase for Solectria's new solar PV inverter, which the company released over the summer. A Solectria PVI13KW inverter converts the dc energy produced by the Evergreen solar panels into electricity, feeding it directly into the building's ac electrical system.

The PVI13KW includes both a dc disconnect and a fused ac disconnect; an ac contactor for 0 W standby loss; an optional built-in, seven-fuse PV combiner; a premium efficiency transformer and filter; and a DSP-controlled, trench-gate IGBT inverter core. The unit is fully assembled and tested at Solectria. It is delivered as a single unit with nothing to connect, assemble, mount or wire other than PV leads and ac connection to the facility's ac circuit panel.