European International Airport Orders Socomec Flywheel for UPS Energy Storage

October 09, 2007 by Jeff Shepard

Pentadyne Power Corp. announced that their European OEM distributor – UPS manufacturer Socomec – has received an order for a Socomec VSS+DC flywheel system to be deployed at a major international European airport. Pentadyne is the original equipment manufacturer of the Socomec VSS+DC clean energy storage system. Socomec markets the VSS+DC internationally for use with their DELPHYS three-phase uninterruptible power supply systems rated from 60 to 800kVA.

"Just a few weeks ago, we announced the commissioning of another Pentadyne-made flywheel at the San Jose International Airport , " said Pentadyne President & CEO Mark McGough. "So we are pleased to learn that the officials at this much larger airport also recognize the great reliability and cost-cutting enhancements of our clean energy storage systems ."