EnOcean seeks strength Joins AllSeen Alliance

February 25, 2015 by Jeff Shepard

The EnOcean Alliance has joined the AllSeen Alliance, the largest cross-industry consortium for the Internet of Everything. This development follows an announcement earlier this month that Dawon, Golgi, Helium, Honeywell, Lumen Cache, Playtabase, Shenzhen H&T Home Online Network Technology Co. and joined the AllSeen Alliance. Those additions pushed the total number of members in AllSeen to over 120 companies and organizations.

The earlier announcement came just two weeks after a new IP Policy was introduced to better support the Alliance’s vision to create a global ecosystem of interoperable, AllJoyn-enabled products, applications and services that work together regardless of manufacturer, industry or platform.

Furthering its effort to advance interoperability for the Internet of Everything, the AllSeen Alliance will host a Partner Programme at Mobile World Congress on March 4 in Hall 8.0, Theatre B where an AllJoyn-enabled product showcase and demo will also be on display. The Alliance will also be co-located with member ThroughTek in Hall 7, Stand 7M01.

“To have over 120 member companies share a vision and a commitment to AllJoyn is truly outstanding,” said Philip DesAutels, senior director, IoT, AllSeen Alliance. “With this level of collaboration and this scope of expertise, the possibilities for innovation and technological advancement within this community are endless. We are also delighted to welcome the EnOcean Alliance as a member of the AllSeen Alliance," concluded Philip DesAutels.

At MWC, the EnOcean Alliance will participate in the AllSeen Alliance Partner Program, which is headed under the motto "Open Source IoT: How to Unleash the Future of Connected Devices". Part of the contribution is an on-stage demo in Hall 8, Theatre B hosted by AllSeen Alliance community member Muzzley, an Internet of Things company offering an innovative connected devices platform. The demo will connect batteryless building sensors, which are based on the EnOcean energy harvesting wireless standard, to other systems in a home such as white goods and multimedia to an integrated, cross-standard control solution.