Emerson to present Keynote at Darnell’s Energy Summit

June 30, 2013 by Jeff Shepard

“The Evolution of Energy Management” will be the focus of the Keynote Presentation to be given by D. Scott Barbour, Executive Vice President, Emerson, and Business Leader, Emerson Network Power Systems during the opening of Darnell’s Energy Summit (DES ’13). DES ’13 will be hosted in Dallas, Texas, September 9-13, 2013. This will be a combined event featuring the Tenth Darnell Power Forum (DPF '13) plus the Fifth Green Building Power Forum (GBPF '13) plus the Fourth Smart Grid Electronics Forum (SGEF '13). DES ‘13 will feature the next-generation power electronic devices, architectures and systems, Calls for papers have been issued for each of the constituent events.

“We demand all information on every device we own, everywhere we go. Fast. To accommodate, industries are not only demanding more power than ever, but they are seeking new levels of efficiency in the power chain and new, more environmentally responsible sources of generation,” Mr. Barbour observed. “Once disparate industries from IT to telecommunications to content delivery, are converging at record pace. Energy delivery and management, too, has become a melting pot. Both AC and DC power are viable options in facilities of all types and are bringing new energy-saving possibilities to micro grids. And the intelligence to see and control that energy use doesn’t stop at the outlet. Smart Grid innovations are magnifying the energy savings made possible by the visibility and control now possible within a building’s walls. This Keynote will look at today’s rapidly changing energy management landscape and provide a glimpse into what may come next,” Barbour concluded.

Directly following the Keynote, the Plenary Session will feature these outstanding presentations: “Enernet - The Big Picture,” Brian Patterson, Chairman, EMerge Alliance and General Manager, Armstrong World Industries; “IEEE's DC in the Home Investigation Project Accomplishments and Future Goals,” Doug Houseman, EnerNex, VP of Technical Innovation, Vice Chair of the IEEE PES - Intelligent Grid Coordinating Committee, and Founding Member of the IEEE DC in the Home initiative; “DC Microgrids - Challenges and Opportunities,” Kurt Yeager, Vice Chairman of the Galvin Project, Inc.; “GaN: Crushing Silicon One Application at a Time,” Alix Lidow, CEO, Efficient Power Conversion Corporation; and “Future Opportunities for Maximizing Efficiencies through Advanced Digital Power Control and Management,” Randy Malik, IBM Distinguished Inventor, IBM.

The co-located events that comprise DES ’13 will bring together thought leaders across the areas of advanced power electronics, energy management, micro grids, the smart gird, and related topics of global importance. DES ’13 will leverage the successful track records of the separate events to create powerful opportunities for synergy.

"With a single registration, you can attend any sessions of interest during these simultaneous leading-edge events," stated Jeff Shepard, President of Darnell Group. "Plus you'll have access to the combined Exhibit Hall and will have an opportunity to network with an outstanding group of international experts in a wide range of power electronics, DC building power, and smart grid technologies," Shepard concluded.