Emerson and Pentadyne Demo Liebert FS Power System

March 01, 2005 by Jeff Shepard

Pentadyne Power Corp. (Chatsworth, CA) and Emerson Network Power announced the successful demonstration of the Liebert Corp. (Columbus, OH) FS flywheel power system with a 750 kVA Liebert Series 610 uninterruptible power supply (UPS). The Liebert FS is the result of a partnership between Liebert and Pentadyne designed to optimize Pentadyne’s Voltage Support Solution™ (VSS) for Liebert UPS systems.

The demonstration was conducted as a joint Liebert-Pentadyne effort at Liebert’s facility in Delaware, OH, and was witnessed by users with high-power requirements. It involved eight Liebert FS power systems, each capable of providing 120 kW of power to the dc bus of the UPS, connected in parallel to the Liebert 610 system.

The demonstration included a series of multiple, short-duration input outages and a sustained input outage. N+2 operation of the flywheel system was also demonstrated by sustaining the load while sequentially dropping one and then a second Liebert FS unit. In each case, the flywheel system was able to provide the required power to operate the UPS at rated conditions.