EMerge Alliance Releases Version 1.1 of Occupied Space Standard

October 01, 2012 by Jeff Shepard

The EMerge Alliance has updated the EMerge Alliance Occupied Space standard, the first application platform model for the utilization of low-voltage DC power in commercial interiors. The EMerge Alliance Occupied Space standard creates an integrated, open platform for power, interior infrastructures, controls and a wide variety of peripheral devices to facilitate the hybrid use of AC and DC power within commercial buildings. Version 1.1 includes several important updates to voltage limits, recommended cable sizes and other requirements to assist companies developing products when using the standard. These changes are backwards compatible and maximize the interoperability and efficiency of EMerge Alliance Registered products.

According to Alliance Chairman Brian Patterson, the Occupied Space standard version 1.1 allows for better connectivity with the forthcoming EMerge Alliance Task Level/Furnishings standard and contributes to the organization's push to deliver a portfolio of integrated standards that increase building flexibility and sustainability, while lowering operating costs. These standards also facilitate the direct use of on-site power generation and storage, which eliminates the need for many inefficient power form conversions in buildings.

"The standards we're creating for DC microgrids are the keys to unlocking unprecedented efficiency, flexibility and sustainability in buildings," said Patterson. "The latest advancements in the EMerge Alliance Occupied Space standard demonstrate that the Alliance is committed to driving the continued development and expansion of standards that will deliver DC power throughout buildings."

The EMerge Alliance Occupied Space standard has been well received by both product manufacturers and the early adopters of the building community. There are more than 50 EMerge Alliance Registered products available for use today, representing everything needed to implement the platform. The EMerge Alliance Occupied Space standard version 1.1 is available exclusively to Governing, Participating and General Members of the Alliance.

The EMerge Alliance's Growing Standards Portfolio

The EMerge Alliance continues to work toward completing new DC power standards to achieve net-zero energy buildings. The soon-to-be-released Data/Telecom Center standard will provide a practical guide for the hybrid use of DC power in data centers, offering better efficiency, a smaller footprint, improved reliability and lower capital and installation costs. Currently in development, the Campus Microgrid standard will focus on establishing a standard for the integration of DC microgrids throughout whole buildings. Also in progress, the Task Level/Furnishing standard connects DC power to desktop technologies and applications. Moving forward, the Alliance will continue its vision by developing future standards for building services, such as HVAC, and outdoor applications, such as electric vehicle charging. All EMerge Alliance standards include consideration of power, infrastructure, peripheral device and control applications required to operate a building application platform using DC power.