Embedded World to Host a Wide Array of Power Technologies

February 24, 2021 by Alessandro Mascellino

Embedded World 2021 is only a week away. Here’s an overview of what many companies will showcase.

Here are the most relevant products and initiatives in the power electronics space for you to have a look at before the five-day event.

While the event will officially start on March 1, its platform is open from February 23, allowing participants to explore some solutions and book meetings with experts in advance.



STMicroelectronics will host 19 live conference forums and 10 roundtables during embedded world 2021.

Image courtesy of STMicroelectronics. 
Image courtesy of STMicroelectronics. 


The company also said it will introduce a new microcontroller, as well as discussing how engineers can accelerate design using the STM32 ecosystem.

An additional Q&A session will also cover the latest developments in wireless solutions.

STMicroelectronics will have more than one hundred experts available to ask questions or book a meeting during the virtual event.


Analog Devices

German manufacturer Analog Devices will participate in embedded world 2021 by offering presentations regarding a variety of its products, including its LTPowerTools solutions.


Image courtesy of Analog Devices. 
Image courtesy of Analog Devices. 


The company is also planning a total of four roundup tables, which are already available to book.

The first one, hosted by Frederik Dostal, Regional Marketing Engineer for Power Management, will give an overview of the capabilities of the LTpowerCAD and LTspice tool chain in relation to the development and management of power supplies.

Additional roundup tables by Analog Devices will focus on condition monitoring solutions, access, and “seamless Ethernet” technologies.



The products NXP is planning to present at embedded world 2021  cover a wide variety of electronics applications for the industrial internet of things (IIoT).


Image courtesy of NXP. 
Image courtesy of NXP


These include microcontrollers and battery solutions, radar systems, vehicle networks processors, and more.

NXP’s five roundtables will reflect this variety, ranging from machine learning to sustainability, and from vehicle network data to edge applications security.


Texas Instruments

Texas Instruments is planning to present many wireless and microprocessor solutions at the event.

The company has also planned five talks — one per day — focusing on different aspects of electronics’ development and deployment.

Image courtesy of Texas Instruments. 
Image courtesy of Texas Instruments


These will cover the company’s decentralized, multi-axis servo drive architecture, wireless technologies, wearable healthcare systems, and autonomous robots.

Texas Instruments said it will upload demos of all presented products to its site on March 1.



Infineon’s presence in embedded world 2021 will be a substantial one, as the company has created an exclusive virtual booth named DIGITAL to enable participants to fully experience its solutions and webinars.


Image courtesy of Infineon. 
Image courtesy of Infineon


Talks will range from predictive maintenance for HVAC to model-based software design using AURIX TC4xx, Wi-Fi 6 developments, and eSIM technologies.

At the event, Infineon will also showcase the XENSIV Predictive Maintenance Evaluation kit combining the company’s sensor, microcontroller, and security portfolio.ID of Things.

Live sessions will also cover discussions about smart buildings, smart cars, smart things, and smart factories.



ONSemiconductor is planning a live demo for the embedded world 2021 event, as well as various seminars.

These will cover the miniaturization of electronics, the reliability of electronic systems, distributed intelligence, the internet of things, and solutions for e-mobility and energy efficiency applications.


Image courtesy of ONSemiconductor. 
Image courtesy of ONSemiconductor. 

At the event, ONSemiconductor will present its RSL10 Smart Shot Camera for event-triggered imaging, and its latest Motor Development kit.

Also, the new NCL31000 Integrated LED Driver, and the Quuppa Intelligent Location System Software for the RSL10 from ON Semiconductor.


ROHM Semiconductor

ROHM is also presenting via a fully interactive virtual booth at embedded world 2021, and registrations are already open.


Image courtesy of ROHM Semiconductor. 
Image courtesy of ROHM Semiconductor. 


The company’s extensive program will cover 12 application solutions in the automotive and industrial applications sectors, through online seminars, podcasts, white papers, and presentations.

All of them will be available at ROHM’s virtual booth. 

For more information about embedded world 2021, here is a link to the event site.