E.J. Bloom Publishes Annual APEC Statistics

February 28, 2001 by Jeff Shepard

Ed Bloom of E. J. Bloom Associates (San Rafael, CA) has published his annual statistical analysis of papers to be presented at the Applied Power Electronics Conference (APEC, Anaheim, CA) this year. This year, Bloom discovered that 66.4 percent of all the papers being presented are associated with universities, with only 33.5 percent being from industry alone. Of the 66.4 percent of university-associated papers, 51.4 percent come from the university alone and 15.0 percent are joint projects between industry and major universities.

These numbers are in keeping with a trend Bloom has been following since 1990, the first year that university papers outnumbered those from industry. Interestingly, Bloom has discovered that this trend is more marked in papers originating outside the US. This year, for example, 42 papers are coming from US universities alone, trailed by 31 from US industries. In the category of papers from countries other than US, however, there are 82 papers from universities abroad and only 9 papers from industries abroad.

In total, APEC has, since its inception, given over 1,000 papers from universities alone and nearly 300 joint papers from universities working with industry, but only 650 papers from industry alone.

Bloom comments, "Is APEC becoming the winter edition of the Power Electronics Specialist Conference (PESC) or what?"