Duracell and Xantrex Partner to Offer New Portable and Backup Power Products

March 28, 2007 by Jeff Shepard

Duracell announced that it will introduce a new line of Duracell-branded portable power products including inverters, power packs and battery chargers. The new line, which will be introduced through a business alliance with Xantrex Technology Inc. beginning in June 2007, will provide retailers and consumers with portable power products.

Xantrex offers solutions to allow customers to operate and charge mobile electronic devices such as laptop computers, PDAs, cell phones and more. Xantrex also provides portable and home emergency backup power sources, and smart charging capabilities for automotive batteries. The new line of Duracell-branded products will be available in June 2007 in North America and in 2008 in Europe at mass retail, consumer electronics, automotive and specialty retail chains.

"Our collaboration with Duracell reinforces the Xantrex reputation as a leading manufacturer of portable and backup power products. It also provides both companies with access to a broader customer base that values the Duracell brand and demands the quality and features offered by Xantrex products," said John Wallace, Xantrex CEO.

"This partnership increases our ability to meet consumers’ needs by providing them with access to high quality, backup portable power solutions from a brand they know and trust," said Dan McCarthy, Marketing Director, Duracell. "Ultimately, this streamlines the shopping process, creating more targeted solutions for consumers."