Dual USB Charger, Smart Car Locator, and More

December 05, 2016 by Power Pulse1595211359

Founded in December 2014 in Palo Alto, California, Nonda has introduced the Zus smart car charger. It's a dual USB device charger that Nonda claims will charge devices twice as fast as average car chargers, fully charging two iPhones in less than two hours. It includes two reversible USB ports that allow users to plug in the cables in either direction. Zus accepts inputs of 12- to 24-Vdc and produces dual outputs of 5-Vdc at up to 2.4A maximum on each of the ports (total output current rating 4.8A, maximum).

But Zus is more than a fast-charging car charger. It also includes a car location function and can keep track of how much time is left on the parking meter, sending an alert when the time is running out. Whenever you park your car, Zus will save your car’s location automatically (so long as it's someplace that can get a GPS signal). To find your car, open the Zus app on your mobile phone and be guided back to your car. Finally, Zus includes a “Car Battery Health Monitor” that actively monitors your car’s battery and get notified when your battery is underperforming.

After setting up the Zus app, your phone will automatically connect to the Zus charger when you’re driving. Whenever you turn off your car’s engine, ZUS will prompt the Zus app to save your car's last known location. You can then use the Zus app to locate your car.

Zus can help you find your car in open parking lots, on streets, or in the great outdoors, wherever the GPS signal is clear. Since Zus uses your phone's built-in GPS, Zus is not compatible in multi-story parking garages, underground parking or in areas with limited or no GPS signal.

Many people have 2 cars: Can the Zus app connect to 2 ZUS chargers? Yes. The Zus app can remember both Zus chargers, so you only need to set up your phone once. Whenever you enter your car, your phone will automatically connect to the correct Zus charger.