DOE Offering $15 Million for Extreme Fast EV Charging

November 01, 2017 by Paul Shepard

Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy (EERE) has issued, on behalf of the Vehicle Technologies Office (VTO), a Funding Opportunity Announcement (FOA) entitled “FY2017 Vehicle Technologies Office Batteries and Electrification to Enable Extreme Fast Charging Funding Opportunity Announcement.” Up to $15 million is available.

The objective of this area of interest is to develop and verify vehicles equipped with extreme fast charging (XFC) technology, which can recharge a battery in half of the time compared to current fast charging rates.

Projects should detail technical approaches to drive system and battery development that can enable XFC, charger installation and demonstration, infrastructure impact studies, and reduced vehicle charging time proposition analysis.

Projects that encourage the development of plug-in electric vehicle systems which can recharge rapidly at high power levels are desired. Developing these systems should allow plug-in electric vehicles to be charged much faster than current vehicle charging, enable greater use of electricity for transportation, and encourage widespread use of plug-in vehicles that can demonstrate zero emissions operation.

The successful adoption of XFC technology will require strong and diverse partnerships. Therefore these cost-shared projects must include and describe in detail partnerships with one or more of the following: state governments, local governments, metropolitan transportation authorities, air pollution control districts, private or nonprofit entities, and component and/or subcomponent suppliers integrated within the project team to support the overall system design and demonstration effort.

Projects could include partnerships for the supply or co-development of components and/or subcomponents such as, but not limited to: battery packs, power electronics, controllers, chargers, sensors, cabling, and connectors.