Discover Energy Corp. Partners with Optimum Battery to Produce Lithium Power Solutions for the EV Market

March 01, 2010 by Jeff Shepard

Discover Energy Corp. announced today the formalization of its 8 year partnership with Optimum Battery Co. Ltd. in the commercialization of advance battery technologies including Lithium technologies. Discover states that it was the first to market and has been a leader during the past decade in commercializing its Clean & Green EV Traction Dry Cell Batteries as proven non-hazardous non-gassing replacements for a majority of traditional wet cell deep cycle lead acid batteries used in battery powered equipment and vehicles.

"After years of research, development and field trials, the formalization of our partnership with Optimum Battery secures production quantities of Optimum and Discover’s co-developed Fail-Soft high power Lithium Modules that are key components in Watts-NXT from Discover," said Steve Nam, President of Discover Energy Corp.

Watts-NXT from Discover are power solutions integrating Discover’s proprietary IDBMS (Integration, Data and Battery Management System), Man Machine interfaces and charging solutions with Optimum Fail Soft Lithium Modules.

"As we did with Discover’s EV Traction Dry Cell batteries 10 years ago, Watts NXT from Discover will be easily integrated by our established original equipment clients allowing them to be early adopters of a technology that has major benefits for their equipment and customers," said Darwin Sauer, VP Product and Business Development at Discover-Energy.

"Bringing together Optimum’s lithium production and Discover’s integration technologies will allow Optimum to move ahead of our competition in achieving a dominant position in the China domestic and Asian market for Electric Vehicle solutions. Technology sharing and Discover’s International sales and distribution expertise also gives us a leadership position internationally to build off of", said Jack Li, President and Managing Director Optimum Battery Co., LTD.