Department of Energy Awards $3.0 Million to Capstone Turbine

July 15, 2001 by Jeff Shepard

The Department of Energy announced a $3.0 million award to Capstone Turbine Corp. (Chatsworth, CA) to develop microturbine-powered cooling, heating, and power systems. The award is intended for the research, development and testing of packaged cooling, heating and power systems for buildings.

"Capstone and the companies that it works with have already made great technological strides forward in developing effective and affordable combined heat, power and chilling systems. These systems have demonstrated real-world thermal efficiencies ranging from 70 percent to more than 90 percent," said Capstone President and CEO Dr. Ake Almgren. "This award will aid our efforts to develop even better operational economics for end-users by making use of Capstone's clean, dry exhaust heat on a year-round basis."