Delta Electronics Unveils Design System

October 23, 2001 by Jeff Shepard

Delta Electronics (Taipei, Taiwan) announced its Packaging Design System, which improves product performance and reliability and reduces design, production, redesign, and rework costs and risks. The new design solution gives Delta and its customers the ability to access the thermal performance characteristics of fans and cooling units for CPU’s.

The new thermal design solution helps to collect, quantify and analyze airflow field, impedance and thermal resistance data. By integrating and analyzing data at the system and component levels, the cycle time required to design products such as CPU coolers and heatsinks is largely decreased.

“Delta has established a mature thermal laboratory, with complete facilities, including the ability for theoretical analysis, computer simulation and ad-hoc experimentation,” said Mark Ko, vice president and general manager of PSBG, Delta Electronics. “This system has allowed our products to achieve a level of quality unsurpassed in the power industry.”