Delta Announces Organizational Adjustments

April 11, 2017 by Jeff Shepard

The Delta Electronics, Inc. board of directors on Monday approved an organizational adjustment of the company as well as the appointment and departure of managers. According to the board resolution, Delta will lead its business with "Power Electronics", "Automation" and "Infrastructure" as its three main business categories, which will be dedicated to its corporate strategy of "the development of branded and solution businesses" starting from May 2, 2017.

Delta's new organizational structure will come into as the following: “Power Electronics” will include Electric Vehicle Solutions BG (EVSBG), Embedded Power Solutions BG (EPSBG), Merchant Power Solutions BG (MPBG), Components BG (CPBG), and Fans & Thermal Management BG (FMBG); “Automation” will include Industrial Automation BG (IABG) and Building Automation BG (BABG); and “Infrastructure” will include Information & Communication Technology Infrastructure Solutions BG (ICTBG) and Energy Infrastructure Solutions BG (EISBG).

Nine business groups under the new business management structure will drive the development of solutions, focused markets and existing product lines. At the same time, due to personal career planning, Johnson Lee, Delta President and Chief Operating Officer, will resign from the post, and the vacancy will be taken over on July 3 by Simon Chang, currently Delta Senior Vice President and General Manager of the Industrial Automation Business Group.

Yancey Hai, Chairman of Delta Electronics, said: "The purpose of Delta’s organizational adjustment is to respond to the rapid growth of our global markets and enhance the company's growth momentum. We expect the change will lead Delta to more effectively deliver solutions and services that meet customer needs and will expand our business opportunities. The three business categories to be implemented will bring Delta more insight into market changes, and the business units under the three categories are expected to leverage each other more effectively to achieve greater synergies.”

Yancey Hai further stated: “Mr. Johnson Lee was appointed as the President and COO of Delta Electronics, Inc., in 2012, responsible for setting global operation objectives and strategies for business units and for leading regional sales development to fulfill business goals. Mr. Lee resigned as a personal career plan. We are very grateful to him for his efforts and contributions during this period, and give him our deepest thanks and best wishes for the future.

Mr. Simon Chang joined Delta in 1981 as a product design engineer. He has served as Engineering Manager, Material Manager, Director of the Industrial Automation Business Division, and General Manager of the Industrial Automation Business Unit. He is currently Senior Vice President and General Manager of the Industrial Automation Business Group of Delta Electronics. Simon Chang is thoroughly familiar with Delta's business, market changes and the organization's internal operations. We believe that Delta will produce higher revenues under the leadership and strategy of Simon Chang,” Mr. Hai concluded.