Dell Recalls 27,000 Sanyo Batteries

October 16, 2000 by Jeff Shepard

Dell Computer Corp. (Round Rock, TX) is recalling 27,000 batteries produced by Sanyo (Tokyo, Japan) that were shipped in some Latitude and Inspiron notebook computers. Batteries shipped from June 22, 2000 through September 15, 2000 in North and South America, and from June 22, 2000 through October 4, 2000 in Europe, the Middle East, and Africa are being voluntarily recalled. The recall is due to a possibility that affected batteries can generate electrical shorts and overheat, potentially to the point of causing smoke or flames, even when not in use. Dell is aware of only one such incident having occurred at this time, but has decided to be proactive in addressing the issue.According to Dell, no injuries were sustained in this incident and the damage to property was minor, limited to the notebook itself. Dell spokesman T. R. Reid stated that the batteries, "don't spontaneously combust" but said also that all batteries, by definition, "have some energy in them." He further mentioned that Dell was not the only computer maker using the Sanyo batteries. Dell is, however, the only computer maker recalling the batteries. Under the terms of the recall, users return the potentially faulty battery to Dell, who will replace it and will later provide a second, additional battery after Sanyo exchanges the first.