DCH Technology Fuel Cell System to Demonstrate Pollution-Free Technology

June 27, 2001 by Jeff Shepard

DCH Technology Inc. (Valencia, CA) announced that its 3kW DCH/Enable fuel cell power system will be used by members of the Texas Fuel Cell Partnership (TFCP) to demonstrate pollution-free energy technology to Houston-area businesses and government agencies. Unocal Inc. is funding installation of the system, which will be used by the Texas Natural Resource Conservation Commission to power air-quality monitoring equipment at the Port of Houston. Praxair Inc. is providing the hydrogen fuel.

“The TFCP will prove to be a visionary force in the commercialization of fuel cell power,” commented DCH President and CEO John Donohue. “DCH is very excited about being part of the Texas Fuel Cell Partnership and the fuel cell resource for these high-profile demonstration programs.”