Darnell’s Power Forum Expands in 2012 to Include Shanghai, China

February 01, 2012 by Jeff Shepard

Darnell Group is expanding the reach of its technical conferences to include Darnell’s Power China (DPC) in May 2012 in Shanghai, China, in addition to the ninth-annual Darnell’s Power Forum in its usual September time slot to be hosted again in San Jose, California. The focus of DPC will be "Solutions for next-generation power designs."

Building on the success of Darnell’s Power Forum, hosted annually for the past nine years, DPC will be a Chinaspecific, two-day conference that will serve an international audience of decision makers who are interested in learning about and contributing to the latest practical advancements in advanced power conversion components, topologies, architectures and design tools/techniques. The emphasis at DPC will be practical solutions to today’s design challenges. The content and structure of the forum will be guided by a predominantly Chinese Advisory Committee, and will represent the specific interests and needs of Chinese power converter makers and original equipment manufacturers.

Delegates at Darnell’s Power China 2012 will have an opportunity to meet and talk with top executives and technical professionals of leading electronic equipment companies, as well as key technical and management professionals in the power conversion and semiconductor industries. Participants will also be able to see the latest components and development tools for practical digital power designs in the exhibition area.

"Shanghai is a major research and design center for all types of power converters, and understanding the latest developments in advanced components and design techniques is increasingly important in this community of power engineers," stated Jeff Shepard, President of Darnell Group. "The extensive practical information at Darnell’s Power China will provide power design engineers a unique opportunity to ’learn today and design tomorrow.’"

Darnell’s Power China 2012 will feature five primary areas of focus: Advanced Components, Digital Power, High- Efficiency Power Conversion, Innovation for Micro Grids and Renewable Energy, and PwrSiP/PwrSoC. Within each of these broad areas will be multiple topics and application areas.

Advanced Components: Topics may include: Latest developments in power conversion components to support advanced designs such as, semiconductor devices, advanced packaging, interconnect, thermal management, magnetic devices, capacitors, batteries, ultracapacitors, sensors, new materials, integrated passives, and so on.

Digital Power: Topics may include: Technology-focused discussions including controllers and control loops, communications, power management, stability analysis, efficiency optimization, design tools, simulation and modeling, topologies, system partitioning between analog and digital, power quality and EMC, and so on.

High-Efficiency Power Conversion: Topics may include: High-frequency power conversion, high-temperature operation, power system-in-chip solutions, power system-in-package solutions, high-density packaging developments, optimizing converter efficiencies, new topologies, advanced (analog or digital) control techniques, parasitics, EMI/EMC considerations, and so on.

Innovations for Micro Grids and Renewable Energy: Topics may include: Integration of distributed generation resources, micro grids, power systems communications, power quality, instrumentation and monitoring, enabling demand side management, supporting plug-in hybrid vehicles, large scale energy storage, advanced metering infrastructure, visualization technologies, real-time control methods, and so on.

PwrSiP/PwrSoC: Topics may include: miniaturization and integration of passive components, advances in highfrequency power conversion, new topologies and architectures, developments in packaging, multi-Megahertz switching, efficiency optimization, and so on. In each case, the types of papers being sought include: Case studies/industry examples, Design techniques and tools, and Technology developments.

The DPC ’12 web site is here.