Cypress Intelligent Lighting Solutions Support Nichia Power LEDs

December 17, 2008 by Jeff Shepard

Cypress Semiconductor Corp. announced that its intelligent lighting solutions support the Power LED series from Nichia Corp.. Using Cypress’s PSoC Designer™ 5.0 visual design software and the CY3265N-RGB evaluation kit, it is stated that designers can simply input the selected Power device; select bin specifications through easy-to-use, drop-down menus; and choose a color, including white – without having to write a single line of firmware. The solution is said to free lighting designers from having to be experts in LED binning and temperature specifications, allowing them to focus on desired lighting effects and bring intelligent lighting systems to market more quickly and efficiently.

Cypress has integrated the Power LED series specifications and temperature characteristics into the content library of PSoC Designer 5.0 software, which supports the EZ-Color™ LED controllers. With other LED controllers, engineers must input specific device binning and temperature performance data. Cypress has introduced the CY3265N-RGB evaluation kit enabling designers to begin simplified system design with XLamp LEDs.

"We are pleased to bring the simplified design of our intelligent lighting solutions to Nichia’s Power LEDs," said Curt Davis, Vice President of Cypress’s PowerPSoC Business Unit, which includes Intelligent Lighting Solutions. "Nichia has established a leading position in the LED market with innovative products that drive toward large scale adoption of LED lighting, and the savings in design time and costs offered by our solutions fit in well with this mission."

"We expect customers to be delighted by the combination of our LEDs and Cypress’s software, controller technology and additional lighting solutions," said Hideki Oguro, Deputy General Manager of the LED Business Planning Dept. at Nichia. "Enabling code-free design makes it easier than ever before to develop compelling and efficient lighting systems."

The CY3265N-RGB evaluation kit provides the firmware to support Power LEDs. The kit comes with a daughter card featuring Power LEDs, and includes a MiniProg, a 5V LCD display, a USB cable, a CD with PSoC Designer 5.0, Gerber files and schematics.