ColdWatt Partners With Isilon To Enable Next Generation Green Data Center

January 28, 2008 by Jeff Shepard

ColdWatt announced that its 650W power conversion platform has been adopted by Isilon Systems for use in its new X-Series IQ clustered storage systems, aimed at the next generation virtualized data center. ColdWatt’s digitally controlled power supplies are said to deliver an industry-leading combination of power density and high efficiency, and to provide a suitable solution for Isilon to help its customers achieve their green IT goals without sacrificing performance.

ColdWatt’s off-the-shelf solution is said to include sophisticated engineering usually reserved for custom products and a superior digital architecture that delivers value-added features such as hot swap and communications features for power management. Because of these features, it is stated that OEMs such as Isilon are able to focus their resources on their own core competencies, thus leading to reduced time to market.

"Because ColdWatt’s power supply is double the power density and significantly higher efficiency than our previous solution, we were able to deliver our new X-Series storage nodes that provide up to 60% improvement in throughput for data write and random access while saving approximately 18% of overall power consumption," said Brett Goodwin, Vice President of Marketing and Business Development, Isilon Systems. "This reduction in power translates to real savings for our customers where they can either lower their electric bill or add more storage with a smaller power footprint in energy constrained environments."

ColdWatt’s redundant power solutions are suitable for enterprise systems that are going to be deployed with virtualization solutions. In the next generation virtualized data center the software investment per node is significant, driving an increased need for redundant power supplies. As a result, the loading on individual power supplies will be lighter and high efficiency at light loaded levels becomes even more important. ColdWatt’s power conversion products are intended to answer this market need by delivering high efficiency across a wide load range.

"Since ColdWatt began shipping power supplies in 2006 to server and storage vendors, we have said our solutions deliver industry leading efficiency and density," said ColdWatt CEO Joe Lamoreux. "Our work with Isilon demonstrates the positive impact ColdWatt’s energy-efficient power supplies can have on the development of higher performance yet greener solutions and total cost of ownership. Specifically, our 650W power supply delivers 90% power conversion efficiency, which is 30% more efficient than the previous platform’s power supply used by Isilon."