"Closing the Digital Power Divide" At Darnell’s Sixth Annual Digital Power Forum

July 28, 2009 by Jeff Shepard

For many designers, there remains a false perception that digital power is still an emerging technology. The fact is that digital power controllers have reached price parity in a growing number of applications, and digital power management techniques have reached a significant level of maturity and sophistication. Challenges to the dominance of analog control techniques are real and growing. Darnell’s sixth-annual Digital Power Forum, September 21-23, in Santa Ana, California, will help to "close the digital power divide" and bring focus and clarity to the current opportunities for the use of digital power control techniques and digital power and energy management.

"This year will see the introduction of third-generation digital control technology, and Darnell’s sixth-annual Digital Power Forum is the place you will see all the latest developments," stated Jeff Shepard, President of Darnell Group. "The digital power landscape will be recast this year. All of the important developments will be showcased and discussed at the Digital Power Forum."

At DPF ‘09, there will be numerous "hot topics" discussed and debated including:

– Realization of adaptive control techniques in cost-effective controllers

– Adoption of digital control in high-volume and cost-sensitive consumer devices

– Accelerating migration of digital control into every application segment

– Enabling of new power architectures by digital control techniques

– Shift from predictive to proactive real-time power system diagnostics with digital power

– Neural-based digital controller chips will result in power supplies that can "learn" and improve their performance over time

– Does digital power deliver on the promises of higher efficiency, faster transient response, reduced component counts, improved reliability, higher densities, faster time-to-market and lower costs?

– Cumulative shipments of digital power supply controller ICs will exceed Five Billion units by 2010

DPF ‘09 will broadly cover all aspects of embedded power conversion, including:

Digital Power Technology – Technology-focused discussions including controllers and control loops, communications, stability analysis, efficiency optimization, design tools, simulation and modeling, topologies, system partitioning between analog and digital, power quality, and so on.

Digital Power Applications – Application-focused discussions of digital power designs in networking and communications systems, computing and storage systems, industrial, medical, photovoltaics and alternative energy, portable computing and communications devices and other applications of ac-dc power, dc-dc converters, inverters, lighting ballasts, system-level power management, advanced power system architectures, and so on.

Advanced Power Components – Latest developments in power conversion components to support advanced designs: Semiconductor Devices, Advanced Packaging, Interconnect, Thermal Management, Magnetics & Capacitors, New Materials.

Complete information on DPF ‘08 is available here.