Chroma and Hephas Energy to Collaborate on Hydrogen-Fuel-Cell Testing Solutions

February 18, 2019 by Scott McMahan

Chroma has agreed to collaborate with Hephas Energy Corporation to jointly release testing solutions for hydrogen fuel cells. (See the image above of Chroma's testing and measurement solution for hydrogen fuel cells). Hephas Energy of Taiwan is a producer of fuel-cell testing and automation equipment. The partnership will couple Hephas Energy's knowledge base about testing hydrogen fuel cells and R&D with Chroma's sales network and R&D to expand the scope of the companies' respective product portfolios.

The companies plan to jointly release fuel cell related test solutions that integrate Chroma's multi-functional automatic test systems and Hephas already developed fuel-cell performance testing equipment. The testing solutions will combine Chroma's power electronics and systems integration with Hephas Energy's fuel cell electrochemistry, gas-liquid fluid control, and fuel- cell engine technologies into a comprehensive range of test solutions for hydrogen fuel cells.

Collaboration Intended to Meet Growing Demand

As a result of Chinese government endorsement, China's hydrogen energy and fuel cell vehicle industry is developing rapidly. Due to this growth, the demands for testing of the key components within the hydrogen-fuel-cell vehicle supply chain is expected to increase significantly as well. For this reason, the collaboration between Chroma and Hephas Energy is intended to meet the expected testing demands of the growing hydrogen fuel cell market.

Hephas Energy offers a comprehensive product solution to manage the temperature, humidity, pressure, flow, and load parameters for fuel cell testing. In addition, Hephas Energy offers a series of fuel-cell failure analysis methods.

Chroma produces testing instrumentation for EV components such as on-board chargers, dc-dc converters, and vehicle controllers that are in use worldwide by renowned labs and automotive manufacturers worldwide.

Chroma also offers a wide variety of products including ac sources, dc power supplies, electronic loads, and electrical safety instruments for membrane electrode assembly (MEA), battery stacks, and equipment for fuel-cell engine systems testing.