Catalytica Energy Systems to Expand Operations in Arizona

August 08, 1999 by Jeff Shepard

Catalytica Energy Systems Inc. (Mountain View, CA) announced that it is expanding its operations into a new facility in the Phoenix, AZ, area. The 43,472sqft facility will house various administrative functions as well as the company's engineering center and its commercial manufacturing operations. Catalytica will begin to occupy this new facility in October, with a dedicated commercial production operation scheduled to come on-line next year.

The company plans to maintain a strong presence at its current headquarters in Mountain View, which will continue to house a number of corporate functions.

The Mountain View facility will also continue to serve as the research and development center and as a secondary manufacturing operation for redundancy and for the manufacture of prototype and development units.

"This expansion into a new facility reflects our ongoing corporate growth and our commitment to promote operational efficiency and effectively manage our costs as we look ahead to high-volume commercial production," stated Craig Kitchen, president and CEO of Catalytica Energy Systems. "We believe that the Phoenix area is an ideal location for our expanded operations given the lower cost of operation in the area, as well as the developed supplier base and the highly skilled labor force currently supporting the gas turbine industry there."