Catalyst Power Presents Pinnacle Plus Power

April 08, 2002 by Jeff Shepard

Catalyst Power (Carlsbad, CA), a subsidiary of ABB, announced its integrated, on-site, power generation solution, the Pinnacle Plus, which is suitable for small to mid-size broadcast, video and telecommunications facilities that use turn-key, on-site distributed power generation for digital communications.

The Pinnacle Plus system keeps digital communications applications such as film, video or multimedia production; local or satellite broadcast linkage; and any other vital communications functions supplied with clean, reliable power. The Pinnacle Plus combines a natural gas generator, an uninterruptible power supply and SmartGate, Catalyst Power's proprietary, Internet-based, remote-management technology. The Pinnacle Plus provides clean, reliable power that's available 24x7 without dedicating valuable indoor floor space to power conditioning equipment.

"We're very excited about bringing our Pinnacle Series to the digital communications marketplace. Putting a Catalyst Power system on-site may be the most cost-effective way for businesses to secure their power needs," stated Catalyst Power President Sriram Sivaram.