CamSemi Signs Up Zetex Semiconductors Operations Director

November 21, 2006 by Jeff Shepard

CamSemi™ announced that Ted Wiggans, one of the UK's most experienced executives in establishing and running international semiconductor supply arrangements, is joining to head up the company's fabless operations. Wiggans, who was previously Operations Director at Zetex Semiconductors, joins as CamSemi's VP of Operations to help ramp up capacity in readiness for the company becoming a volume supplier of breakthrough performance power management ICs.

The company expects that its first products will allow power supply manufacturers to develop smaller, higher performance and cooler-running products that can beat the most stringent energy-saving guidelines and be manufactured at lower cost than today's solutions.

"Ted's considerable power sector, operations and global manufacturing experience speaks for itself. At Zetex, he transformed the company's business model from entirely in-house UK production of power management products to a part fabless approach and he held overall responsibility for multi-site, multi-national operations involving a global team of 500. He will be a real asset in leading CamSemi's increasing operations activity and in ensuring that we are strongly positioned to step up capacity in line with rapidly increasing market demands," said David Baillie, CEO of CamSemi.

"I am delighted to be joining CamSemi as the company enters the final phase in gearing up to become a volume supplier. To date, the company's engineering and marketing teams have made excellent progress in developing breakthrough products and in engaging early customers, particularly in the Far East. The final step is lining up the necessary infrastructure to support high-volume supply contracts for early customers," said Ted Wiggans.

Wiggans has over 30 years' electronics industry experience including 13 years at Zetex Semiconductors and senior-level manufacturing and development roles with Motorola, Philips/DuPont Optical and Philips. He started out in 1974 as a student apprentice at Mullard Blackburn following a degree in mechanical engineering at University of Salford, Manchester.