CamSemi Secures $26 Million Funding To Continue Development of Energy Efficient Products

October 29, 2007 by Jeff Shepard

CamSemi announced the completion of what is described as one of the largest VC funding rounds for a European fabless semiconductor company this year by raising US$26 million (&Euro;13 million). The C round funding, led by 3i and existing shareholders Scottish Equity Partners (SEP) and TTP Ventures, sees the Carbon Trust join as a new investor. Carbon Trust Investments is taking a $4 million equity stake in CamSemi – its first investment in a company focused on improving the energy efficiency of consumer electronics products.

The new funding will support CamSemi’s commercialization of products that the company states can dramatically reduce the energy consumption of electronic equipment in operating and standby modes. CamSemi is developing sophisticated ICs that it states will allow manufacturers to introduce highly cost-efficient mains-connected converters and battery chargers that are smaller, cheaper and more power efficient. They are said to have the potential to deliver a 10-fold improvement in standby energy efficiency and reduce operating mode losses by a factor of three.

David Baillie, CEO at CamSemi stated, "Our first products are already available to the worldwide market and shipping in volume. The C2470 family of controllers allows manufacturers for the first time to replace bulky, low cost and power-hungry linear supplies with a simple, cost competitive and much more energy efficient approach. Linear power supplies typically operate with power conversion efficiencies of 50% or even less and standby consumptions of 1 W. However, products based on CamSemi’s C2470 controllers offer very significant improvements with figures of around 85% and 100mW respectively. Products are also smaller and lighter, which saves on transportation costs plus they require far less raw materials to manufacture them and they are easier to recycle too."