CaFCP Initiates Vehicle Demonstration Questionnaire

February 02, 2003 by Jeff Shepard

The California Fuel Cell Partnership (CaFCP, West Sacramento, CA) announced that it has started a new website-based questionnaire to gather information in helping to test and operate fuel cell electric vehicles and related infrastructure in real-world conditions. The questionnaire can be found on the CaFCP website in the New Online section, and allows managers of public or private-sector vehicle fleets to submit information and express interest in serving as a fleet demonstration site for fuel cell vehicles.

"There's tremendous interest out there by companies desiring to participate through real-world fuel cell vehicle testing," said Alan Lloyd, CaFCP chairman and chairman of the California Air Resources Board. "While offering no guarantees that they'll be selected for fleet testing, this survey does provide a means of directly signaling a fleet's interest and availability for testing a clean-air technology of the future."

The website questionnaire seeks information on fleet use, typical routes, experience, on-site support facilities and funding resources. Automakers select fleets based on specific criteria and expectations, including previous experience with alternative fuels, community and fleet-driver commitment to the project, and a willingness to dedicate resources to the effort.