BTR Siebe Unveils Power System Division New Structure

April 07, 1999 by Jeff Shepard

BTR Siebe Power Systems Division (Raleigh, NC) announced its new structure this week. The new division, led by Division Chief Executive Tom Gutierrez, now consists of seven groups, including Lambda North America, Powerware Corp., BTR Siebe Storage, BTR Siebe Energy Systems, Powerware Lambda Europe, NEMIC Lambda and Teccor.Powerware President Patrick Steffen will be responsible for Powerware's UPS businesses in North America, Latin America and China/Northern Asia; Lambda North America (Melville, NY) President Dan Squiller will be responsible for the Lambda Electronics industrial power supplies business in New York, the Lambda EMI business in New Jersey, and the OEM business worldwide; and BTR Siebe Energy Storage (UK) President Dan Ryan will be responsible for standby, traction and specialty battery businesses in Europe/Mid-East/Africa, North America and China. BTR Siebe Energy Systems (Raleigh, NC) President Doug Milner will oversee the telecommunications-focused ac and dc power systems businesses worldwide, including the Powerware CATV UPS business (Lectro), Swichtec (New Zealand), Saturnia (Brazil), Weir Lambda (UK), and BTR Siebe Power Systems in Australia and Singapore. Powerware Lambda Europe (France) encompasses the Lambda Europe, Proner Comatel and Powerware EMEA business; Mitsuji Kyozuka will be responsible for NEMIC Lambda and, in due course, for Powerware and Hawker businesses in Japan; and President Al Lapierre will be responsible for Teccor Electronics (Irving, TX)."Formation of the BTR Siebe Power Systems Division is a direct response to customer demand for a more efficient way to purchase critical power systems," stated Gutierrez. "It will maximize the impact of our investments in research, development and operational excellence, and will make the integration of the entire power system easier for our customers.