BluePoint Energy Announces Order with US Power

February 09, 2003 by Jeff Shepard

BluePoint Energy Inc. (BPE, Granite Bay, CA) announced that it has received deposits for the sale of four Lean-One™ 260kW systems to US Power Corp. (USP, CT). The systems are currently targeted for delivery and installation during the second quarter of 2003 at the Chino Medical Center in Southern California. Projected revenue for the four systems will be in excess of $750,000.

USP President William Ross reported that the BPE Lean-One™ systems were selected for a variety of reasons, including reliability, quality, cost efficiency and ultra-low pollution emissions while delivering dependable on-site cogeneration to the medical facility.

BluePoint Chief Executive Officer Guy Archbold stated, "We are most pleased to announce not only our first multi-system sale to a Medical Facility but we are particularly gratified that the transaction is in conjunction with William Ross and US Power, a national energy service company developing distributed generation across the United States."