Bel Power Unveils 60 amp, 800 VDC Liquid-Cooled Inverter/Battery Charger for EVs and Hybrids

January 15, 2021 by Gary Elinoff

The bi-directional device can also be used to convert DC power stored in high voltage batteries to three-phase AC

The BCL25-700-8 is a 22/25 kW onboard inverter/battery charger. In charge mode, it is parallelable up to 4 units, offering efficiency levels as high as 94%.


The BCL25-700-8 Battery Charger.
The BCL25-700-8 Battery Charger. Image courtesy of Bel Power Solutions


The BCL25-700-8 can receive charging power directly from an EVSE (electric vehicle supply equipment) charging station. It can also utilize public grid power, three-phase at 330 to 528 VAC or single-phase at 190 to 264 VAC. Output power is 60 amps, at voltages ranging from 240 to 800 VDC.

Alternatively, the unit can be employed in the other direction, to export stored power from a high voltage (HV) battery. Possible outputs are 22 kW at 400 Vac/50Hz or 25 kW at 480 Vac/60Hz.


Liquid Cooling

The unit can deliver 800 volts at 60 amps to an HV battery. Even at 94% efficiency, there is a lot of heat generated. Thus, liquid cooling, through an external liquid-cooled heat exchanger, is essential. 

The coolant itself is a 50/50 mixture of ethylene glycol and distilled water. The maximum inlet coolant temperature is +75℃, at which time the converter will shut down. The device will operate with 50% derating at temperatures above +60℃. The maximum ambient temperature is +80℃. At +20℃, coolant flow must be at least 10 liters per minute.



AC Over-Voltage Protections

  • 3 phase @ 528 VRMS: minimum and maximum are 528 and 535 VAC, respectively
  • 1 phase @ 264 VRMS: minimum and maximum are 264 and 275 VAC, respectively


AC Under-Voltage Protections

  • 3 phase @ 330 VRMS: minimum and maximum are 320 and 330 VAC, respectively
  • 1 phase @ 190 VRMS: minimum and maximum are 180 and 190 VAC, respectively



AC Side Power Connector

  • Inverter Charger side: TE CONNECTIVITY PN: HVA630-5P: 0-2141619-1
  • Mating connector: TE CONNECTIVITY PN: HVA630-5P: 114-94114-1


AC side power connectors
AC side power connectors. Image courtesy of datasheet


DC Side HV Power Connector

  • Inverter Charger side: AMPHENOL PN: HVSLS600022A1H6
  • Mating connector: AMPHENOL PN: HVSLS600062A125


DC side power connector.
DC side power connector.  Image courtesy of datasheet


Signal Connector

  • Inverter Charger side: TE CONNECTIVITY PN: DRC23-40PAN012
  • Mating connector:  TE CONNECTIVITY PN: DRC26-40S


Standards Adhered To

Electric mobility is an embryonic industry. As such, the standards are adrift in a sea of shifting sands, which is why they deserve the designers' most careful attention. The complete list of standards can be found on the datasheet. Representative standards include:

  • IEC 61851-21-1 EMC requirements
  • e-Mark certification (ECE R10.6) for EU approval
  • SAE J1455 compliant for environmental consideration
  • IP67 and IP6K9K protection standards
  • SAE J1939 for the CAN bus control and monitoring
  • IEC 62196 for ESVE Type 1 and Type 2 connection
  • IEC 61851-1 Mode 2 and Mode 3 for EVSE communications


Physical Considerations

  • The device can operate over a -40 to +60℃ temperature range at full load
  • Dimensions are 705 x 106 x 359 mm
  • Weight is 19 kg